Apply for the board 19/20!


Applications for the Social Sciences Association Board for 2019/2020 are open!

The Social Sciences Association Board consist of ten people who are responsible for all events and operational duties. 

The Board also represents the association at different events and special occations hosted by others, such as parties at other associations or graduation ceremonies and the Nobel Festivities.

In March, we will have our annual meeting where the new board is elected. If you are staying at the university until at least March 2020 and want to help develop the association, we encourage you to consider joining the board!

Please send your application to no later than the 8th of February 2019.

NOTE! All board meetings are in Swedish!


- Presicent

- Vice President

- 2nd Vice President

- Treasurers (2 st)

- Club Masters (2 st)

- Party Planner

- PR- and Communications Manager

- Head of Activities

- Head of Maintenance

EnglishJessica Liander