Proposal Ready for the Board of 2019-2020

Annual Meeting 3-2.jpg

The Nomination Committee have handed in their proposal for the board of 2019-2020.

Congratulations to all nominees!

The annual meeting will be held at Café Bojan. Welcome!

Translation of the proposal:

President - Sara Emnegard

Vice President - Angela Katumba

2nd Vice President - Dennis Olsson

Board members (in alphabetical order)

Cornelia Andersson

Emelie Karlsson

Emil Almse

Gustaf Holmer

Jade Silfversling

Jessica Liander

Karin Bohman

Max Ceder

Ozan Yucel


Gustav Stönner (regular)

Henny Callerholm (deputy)

Economic Controller

Micaela Karlström

Deputy will be appointed by the board and Allegretto Revision AB

EnglishJessica Liander