New Board Elected!

The Social Sciences Association hosted their Annual Meeting on the 14th of March 2019. The new board for 2019-2020 was elected according to the previous proposal given by the The Nomination Committee.

The Board 2019-2020


Sara Emnegard - President

Angela Katumba - Vice President

Dennis Olsson - Second Vice President

Board members

Cornelia Andersson

Emelie Karlsson

Emil Almse

Gustav Holmer

Jade Silfverling

Jessica Liander

Karin Bohman

Max Ceder

Ozan Yucel

The Nomination Committee 2019/2020

Hugo Thorén

Sara Gustavsson

Sara Emnegard

Gustav Stönner

Axel Arntsen

Economic Controller

Mikaela Karlström


Gustav Stönner - regular

Henny Callerholm - deputy


Hugo Thorén

Gustav Stönner


Prof. Jerzy Sarnecki

EnglishJessica Liander